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Dear best guy friend,

I don’t want to be called dude, guy or man. I know you see me as one of the boys, but don’t tell me about how hot the stranger on the street was. Treat me like a lady so that when you’re dating someone, I can tell them how respectful you are of women because of how respectfully you’ve treated me.

, #not dating me doesn't mean I have any less of a vagina #I am a fucking woman do not treat me like a bud #maybe some girls like to become truly one of the boys #I am not one of them #about me but not about girls in general probably #personal preference

Juliet at the beginning of the
play; all hope and love and
stumbling into her fork in the
road. I always follow the pretty
boy down the path to the left,
even when the trees all hang
with pity. I’ve let love kill me
more than once and I might
do it a few more times. Dear
someone new: this time when
we come to the end of the road,
please don’t hand me the
poison. I can survive without you.

- anne, I always let people destroy me…
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #breakup #IM FINE ON MY OWN

You’re not the worst that could
happen to a person, so stop
apologizing for for the noises
you make. If someone keeps
pointing out the beautiful things
in other people, but never in
you, that doesn’t mean you
have no beautiful things. One
day someone will be glad that
you need “I care” reminders
because it will give them a reason
to tell you they love you, even
if they just said it the day before.

- anne, note to self: one day you’ll be right for someone
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #I need to meet someone immediately #continuing to meet the wrong people just keeps making me feel needy #loneliness sucks

You started lying, or maybe I
just started catching you. Either
way, I started lying too. Just little
things; the things that are too
awkward or the feelings that
shouldn’t be there. And maybe
that’s why boys and girls can’t
really be friends. I thought about
you last night, and not about
the gossip I forgot to tell you.
Best friends don’t lie, but they
also don’t dream about the others
skin. So tell me, which is worse:
wanting to feel you against me,
or not being able to
tell you about it?

- anne, bff
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #love #best friend #lalalalalaaaaa #i wrote this like 7 months ago? #less true now but anyway

I don’t know how to tell you
you’re right. Life is harder than
you thought it was in high school
and some people are lonely their
whole lives. Deserving happiness
doesn’t mean you get to have it.
You leave your bed to sleep beside
me on the floor and I know I would
do anything to give you the things
you want. I tell you it gets better
and you ask if I promise. I lie as
convincingly as I can.

- anne, I promise, I promise, I promise.

I was told love would
come if I waited but we both
know I’m too impulsive for that.
If you don’t wait for wine it’s
just grape juice and you could
drink it all day and have nothing
but a stomach ache. I keep trying
to get drunk on you. It doesn’t
make sense to be disappointed
about snow in the winter – this
isn’t the right season for us. I’m
so sorry that I keep pressing
myself against you; I’m even
more sorry for allowing you to
press yourself against me.

- anne, i should be waiting to fall in love but instead i keep finding you
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #love #from last may :) #going through old stuff y'all