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I hope you never forget what I
felt like beside you - not small
and perfect, but full of love
anyway. Full of care anyway;
full of want and safety and
acceptance. From now on,
I hope no one you ever hold
feels like me so you never
have to choose between a
waist and a heart again, so
you never have the chance
to tell another girl that you
love her but not her body.

- anne, I hope the next girl you kiss is thin and perfect and empty
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #body image #prompt: he loves me but says he's not physically attracted to me #this prompt made me very angry and sad

And another thing! How dare you
take the time to teach me how
someone like you could want me
only to teach me how someone
like you could un-want me just as
quickly. Look, I know it’s not your
responsibility, but one time you
said you thought you could fix me
and I never told you, but you were
right. And maybe your plan was
always just to build me up until
someone else could take over, and
maybe this ‘someone-else’ took too
long to show up, but I never
expected you to be the one to
give up. Being broken is so much
harder since you brought me
close to becoming unbroken.

- anne, an excerpt from the things I practiced yelling at you in the shower
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #breakup #prompt

I can’t ask you to stay indefinitely
but I won’t stop asking for more
time. The universe is full of empty
spaces and my hand shouldn’t be
one of them. My heart shouldn’t
be one of them; my hips, the
small of my back, the base of my
neck - what terrible craters to be
so empty, especially with you right
here. I’m not asking for forever,
just a little while longer - my
fingers in your hair should be
reason enough, but I’ll give you
a few more if you need them.

- anne, just a few more minutes
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #love #1000

I keep filling my hands with hips and skin and hair and none of them belong to you. Dear god, I miss you like 
empty walls and quiet car rides; everything feels wrong. You can’t come back and I can’t stop calling other men by your name.

- from the beautiful anneisrestless (via convulsingxpulses)
, #people quoting me #:)

I’m desperate not to lose you. It
makes me wild with jealousy; it
makes me needy. I don’t like
myself without you. I want all my
mornings to be sprinkled with
your voice. The hardest part about
low confidence is low confidence
in you wanting to be with me. The
acceptable number of hours apart
is no hours but I know you need
your space. I’m sorry for craving
you so much. I’m trying to deal
with this separation anxiety myself
but you should give me some relief
sometimes. I’ll be as quiet as your
shadow if you’ll just let me be in
the room with you.

- anne, needy
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #neediness #old poem but #I'm at my family cottage and haven't been writing #hope you're all well! #will spend some time replying to messages tomorrow #xxxxx

I don’t look at you in public
because it makes everyone blush.
I think this is called passion; I think
this is why birds sing in the morning.
Something about the way sun feels
on closed eyelids and the way dew
drips like satisfied sweat. We are
intolerant to distance. We are loud
when we’re quiet in the same room,
like two notes played a semitone
apart and how they create that third
awful noise. We hold each other
just to stop it. We kiss for relief.

- anne, heat
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #love

I find myself perched against you
too often, head cocked like robins
listening for worms. I’m listening
for hope, I’m trying to capture
reassurance. We need to stop playing
Schrödinger – I haven’t heard
movement for days and it’s getting
ridiculous. Alright, one more night.
One more conversation where I don’t
ask the important questions. I listen
so intently that I hear my own heart
beating and think it’s yours. I’ll
hold onto this for days and make
more excuses for the smell. I
wonder if it’s possible for me to
be alive enough for both of us.

- anne, we’re done aren’t we?
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #breakup