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You like the way I static like
horror movie ghosts when I
miss you. All jittery movement,
all shivery breath; anxious.
You like the look of your name
on the top of my list like you’ve
won something, even if it’s just
me. You like the sound of my
running feet and the sigh of
yes on my tongue when you
call. I know you like that I can’t
get enough of you, but I don’t
think you really like me.

- anne, you love that I love you
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #love #prompt

There’s no anger here, only
sadness; it’s broken now. There
are broken things that can’t be
fixed, only moved on from. My
mother wasn’t angry when I
accidentally broke her favorite
vase, only sad as she threw the
shards in the trash. I didn’t mean
for this to happen and neither
did you but continuing to hold
on will only let the jagged parts
dig deeper into our hopeful
empty palms. I’m hugging you
goodbye and you’re still
waiting for me to fix us; I’m
hugging you goodbye and you
still don’t know why I’m crying.
It’s broken now. Can’t you see?
It’s broken.

- anne, notes on walking away instead of patching the holes.
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #breakup #actually for me this isn't about a relationship at all #there was a conflict that got too hurtful and I needed to walk away instead of trying harder #and today I miss everything #so I wrote this to remind myself that I needed to walk away #it was broken

I had a dream last night that
I was a desert and I found your
face on a storm cloud. I begged
for you to make me ocean or
to make me rainforest or to
make me swampland. You
smiled and held your breath. I
can’t stand how you make me
want to be something I’m not.

- anne, just tell me what you want and I’ll be that.
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #love #unrequited #prompt: I have a few prompts about relationships that aren't working because they just don't fit together

I’m excited when I get to
talk about you; this is what
pride looks like.

"Look at his heart. Look at
his hands; I get to hold them

I’m always excited to hear
about your day in the same
way a writer is excited to
watch her character grow.

- anne, there are few things I have pride in, but you’re one of them

The story of us goes like this:
I was always dry timber and
you were rocks rubbed close
together; you were always the
poisonous mushroom I was
too hungry not to eat. I used
to tell everyone that two
spoons of sugar made
everything easier, that you
were like medicine and I just
had a few more doses but
you knew I shook without
you. I always thought addiction
looked like dark circles and
track marks but sometimes it
looks like a burnt tongue from
a name screamed too often.

- anne, don’t leave me, don’t leave me (please leave me)
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #dependancy #addiction

She doesn’t understand that
my body doesn’t produce
happiness like hers, that all
the joy I have is surrogate,
that if it was as easy as just
being happy, I would be.


he doesn’t understand that
I’m not criticizing his sadness,
I just want him to be well so
badly and I’m completely
helpless to fix him.


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