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i’m like a 2 but i am really nice and i’m pretty interesting and i will kiss you when you want me to kiss you so i just wanna find someone who thinks that’s a coolio thing they might wanna have a piece of


News new news

So, I have officially accepted an offer to publish with

Choose The Sword Press
(they’re new! go check ‘em out! follow them for news!)

This is totally new and unexpected and exciting and if I’m gonna go on a little adventure, I’m glad it’s with tumblr.

I will give you more news as I have it, but the tentative details are that I will have a little book (probably 35-40 pages) of original (not posted on tumblr) poetry out around mid-end of June. It will be available through the CTSpress website and through Amazon.

I have Moriah Pearson to thank for this amazing opportunity (who has her own book coming out next month, I believe), and if you don’t follow her then get the fuck on that.

Also, apparently, Damon, who I haven’t met myself but is on the top floor of all these shenanigans.


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You make me feel small in all
the best ways like my hand
fitting completely in yours and
the way you deal with my anxiety
by saying “it’s fine” so casually
that I know it’s the truth. Before
you I got so used to feeling too
big to fit nicely into anyone’s life.

- anne, changing how I see me
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You close your eyes when I
touch you, and I know what
that is - I’ve seen it. Don’t try
to deny it. I read a book - like
for bird watching only for
feelings and it told me. It
told me red stripes means
sad and clenched fists means
mad and closed eyes when
touching (and blushed
cheeks and wide eyes and
damp mouth) means love.
Stop denying it, I’m serious.
You need to stop - it’s ruining
things. Baby, you deserve
love like a tennis match but
I don’t know how to play
that game, and even if I
did… I’m always going to
be cheering you on but you
need to know I will never
be your partner.

- anne, let’s just be friends
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Can you tell me a decently long version of your story, the person or reason behind the writings?

Hi, I’m Bekki.

I go by Anne on Tumblr, it’s my middle name.

I’m 28, I’m Canadian. I’m in a family of 5 and we are very close.

I think there are three main story-points you need to know to understand me as a writer. The first is that I was in love for the first time at 17 with my best friend at the time - at 18 (summer after graduation) he kissed me, which started a 3-year long disaster. I slept with him on the night of my 20th birthday, which meant a whole lot more to me than him. I don’t really know how to describe this relationship except to say that I loved him more than myself and he could never really decide if he loved me (which I now know means he didn’t). There were some pretty major things that happened between us that I’m not really going to go into in public, but by 21 I had all my self-worth wrapped up in him. The thing we had ended that summer, which brings me to the second story-point.

My family has a history of clinical depression. All the women on both my mom and dads side are on medication for it (it’s just build into our genes that our brains don’t do chemicals right), so it was really just a matter of time. The end of this ‘thing’ plummeted me right into the deep end of depression and it was a 3-year climb back out. I never did the self-harm thing. Tried it once, and I understand why people do it - but in the end I chose to self-medicate in other ways. I’m currently not on medication - though almost went back on about a month ago because its been a VERY hard year for my family and me personally - but luckily this year I had a someone who has come into my life at just the right time and has sort of kept me in the shallow end (which brings me to point-three).

Point-three is that I found a friend this year in an unlikely place, and he has taught me so, so much. I write about important relationships in my life, and he is important so I do tend to write a lot about him. Right now it’s he and I against the world, and one day he’ll find someone amazing to take my place and I am going to fucking hate her, but be so, so happy for him.

I think those are the important things to understand me emotionally when it comes to my writing… yea.

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I came running with pockets
full of bandages and instead
of helping, I made you feel
weak. I’m always catching
you before you start to fall
and it never occurred to me
that maybe you’d want to
survive it yourself; that you
might be stronger for it.

- anne, all I want is for you to be happy, but maybe happiness can’t come from me
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