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All things are not equal, but
yes I’m hungry. My heart is
hungry. I don’t know how to
explain the thing I’m searching
for, I just know I haven’t
found it. I want to hold a hand,
but it’s not just about the
holding, it’s about the hand
and not all hands are equal.
Maybe I’m crazy for waiting
but I just want to still be
starving when I find my
person, so they’re the one I
fill myself up on.

- Rebeka Anne, hunger strike
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #love #prompt: I want a boyfriend but everytime someone had asked me I know he's not the one

Find me down the street,
not needing a drink to tell
you exactly what I’m feeling.
Find me pressing my mouth
against another mouth
without asking and then
without apologizing. If you’re
looking for me, look for the
girl who started taking the
things she wants because
she finally realized her
happiness is her own

- Rebeka Anne, if you’re looking to give me the things I want, I already found them myself.
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #confidence #prompt: ok actually this wasnt a prompt but I was sort of inspired by a prompt #I wish this was about me #in reality find me saying no no I don't want that when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I do want that #sigh

I want you to tell me you love me
even though I annoy you. Don’t
tell me you were lying, but tell me
it’s okay; that who I am is okay. I
want you to tell me you’re not
sorry for saying I tire you, but
that you’re okay with being tired.
Everyone wants to know that
their terrible things aren’t too
terrible to handle, and I know
you see all mine: my self-hate
and indecisiveness and the
sadness that stays for days. The
ridiculous need for you to say
goodnight, the way I forget that
you love me even when it’s obvious.
I want you to stop saying sorry for
hurting me and instead just stop
hurting me. I want you to
overwhelm me with things that
are good about me whenever you
decide to tell me what I need
to change so that I can tell myself
that even though I failed at
something, there are these other
things that I did right.

- Rebeka Anne, you asked me to start telling you what I want
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #conflict #idk #idk what to say #what I've gotten from you is that I'm annoying and tiring so #that's where I'm at

So what if it’s slow? Even
the winter can only cool
the evenings at the start.
So what if change happens
one second at a time? One
inch at a time? Even if it’s
backwards a step to catch
your breath for the next
push. Look. You’re not
exactly the same as you
were before, are you?
Are you? You’re not.

- anne, maybe everything’s still dark, but it’s less dark; maybe you have 100 steps to go but you also have 100 behind you.
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #depression #prompt: things are starting to change but slowly

Things aren’t the way they
should be; my heart wanders
off on its own and my mind
finds monsters under every
bed and in every closet. You
tell me I should just stop
looking. I should just stop all
the thinking because at some
point thinking becomes
creating and you assure me
that I’ve made all of this up.
I don’t know how to stop
wondering what everything
means. I read a paragraph
into every text message and
I remember when that used
to be something you liked
about me.

- Rebeka Anne, over-thinker
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #anxiety #over thinking #isn't that how we got close in the first place #remember how you used to love that I knew things about you that you didn't tell me #I think too much #I do #I'm trying to get better

I put you first and you also
put you first. This is problem
number one. I love like a leaky
faucet, just always dripping
out care and doing, doing,
doing for the people I love.
I guess that’s great for people
like you. But the people that
are good for me are the ones
that will put me first sometimes
because they know I don’t. I’m
jealous of your selfishness. I
wish I could take care of myself
the way you do instead of waiting
for you to make time for me.

- Rebeka Anne, It must be great not to constantly think of everyone else
, #poetry #poem #spilled ink #poets on tumblr #neediness #I'm so fucked up seriously #I potted a cactus today and put it in a bag with applesauce and tomatoes and tomato sauce #this isn't anger #this is sadness that my boundaries are so poor and that I haven't figured out how to do what's best for me #sorry